University of Athens

Konstantinos Mitsopoulos

Konstantinos Mitsopoulos was the nephew of Heracles Mitsopoulos and one of the first graduates of the University of Athens to specialize in the Natural Sciences. He received a scholarship in 1868 to study in Freiburgh, and came back to Athens on 1874. From 1875 he taught in the University and the Polytechnic School of Athens Geology and Mineralogy. K. Mitsopoulos served as both a Rector of the University and as the Director of the Polytechnic School.

Thrasivoulos S. Vlisidis

Thrasivoulos Vlisidis studied in the University of Athens, graduating in 1907.  In 1913 he went to Vienna on a state scholarship, where he studied theoretical and applied Biology.  He taught in the Grand School of Forestry and was later appointed professor of in the University of Thessaloniki. In 1939, he became a full Professor of Biology in the University of Athens and was elected its Provost in 1954.

Grigorios Papamichael

Grigorios Papamichael studied Theology in the School of Halki. After teaching for some years in Sofia, he earned his PhD from the University of St. Petersburgh. From 1905 to 1907, he taught in the Theological School of Jerusalem. He became the chief editor of 'Ekklisiastikos Faros' and 'Pantainos' and in 1918, he was elected in the Chair of Apologetics in the University of Athens. He also taught in the Rizareios school, which he directed from 1937 to 1940.

Panagiotis Trempelas

Panagiotis Trempelas is considered the most productive Greek theologician of the 20th century. He studied in the University of Athens from ehich he graduated in 1907. He was elected Professor of Practical Theology in the same university in 1939, a chair he held until 1957. He was also one of the founders of the 'Zoi' and later of 'Sotir'.

Konstantinos Maltezos

Konstantinos Maltezos studied in the University of Athens and continued his studies, also with a scholarship, in Physics, in Sorbonne, in the Collège de France and in the Ecole Polytechnique. After his return to Greece, he taught in the Greek Military School, in the University of Athens and the Polytechnic School. He became a member of the Academy of Athens and of numerous other scientfic organizations. He published many books and articles on a variety of subjects, such as elasticity and astronomy.

Margaritis Evaggelidis

Evaggelidis studied in the University of Athens and in Germany. He taught in Constantinople and in Athens, in the Rizareios Academy, in the Arsakeios School and in many other Gymnasia. He was elected Reader of the History of Philosophy in the University of Athens in 1883 and later, in 1894, Professor. He taught until 1924 and was also a member of various scientific and intellectual societies.