A study about Mr. Miliarakis' book 'On our ancestors' and its refutation

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Μελέτη επί του 'Περί των ημετέρων προγόνων' πονηματίου του κ. Μηλιαράκη και ανασκευή αυτού
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Anemi Digital Library
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This is an attempt to refute the 1908 treatise of Spiridon Miliarakis on the descent of man. The book has four parths. The first is an introduction, the second a critique of Miliarakis' presentation of the findings in Neanderthal and Spy, the third a critique of the presentation of the apeman in Dabois and finally, the fourth a full scale refutation of Miliarakis' conclusions.
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Efstratiou and Delli