The Narses Project

Nature and Religion in South Eastern European Space: mapping Science and Eastern Christianity relations in South Eastern Europe and Eastern Mediterranean

The HPDST team (History, Philosophy and Didactics of Science Programme) has been funded by the National Strategic Reference Framework the project NARSES on Science and Religion.

NARSES aims to map the relationship between sciences and religion from the 4th c. AD to the 20th c. in Southeastern Europe and East Mediterranean. It will focus on social formations where Eastern Christianity was, depending on the period, dominant or important religious tradition.



The videos of the International Conference "Science & Religion" held in NHRF, 3 – 5 September 2015 are uploaded at the Helios - NHRF Repository, day 1 and day 2.


The NARSES project and the International Conference "Science & Religion" are mentioned in the press. To read the relevant articles (in greek) please follow the links: