International Conference "Science & Religion"

The National Hellenic Research Foundation- Institute of Historical Research and the National & Kapodistrian University of Athens – Epistemology & Science Education Lab are organizing the International Conference “Science & Religion” in Athens, 3 – 5 September 2015.

See more details on the conference website: International Conference "Science & Religion"

The Conference is associated with the NARSES Research Project aiming to map the relationship between sciences and religion from the 4th c. AD to the 20th c. in Southeastern Europe and the East Mediterranean. The Project focuses on social formations where Eastern Christianity was the dominant religious tradition with the purpose to fill an important gap in the historiography of science: while a huge literature exists on the relation between science and religion in the context of Western Christianity there is almost a void for the areas of Byzantium, the Ottoman Empire and the Balkan states, marked by Eastern Christianity.

Find below the programme of the Conference and the Proceedings volume.

The Conference will be broadcasted live at (Thursday and Friday 3-4/9).

The videos of the Conference are uploaded at the Helios - NHRF Repository, day 1 and day 2.