Ioannis Nikolaidis Levadeus

He studied in Ioannina (1816) in the school of Athanasios Psalidas. He later moved to Constantinople and then in Odessos, to escape Turkish pogroms. In 1827, he went to Paris, where he studied Medicine and Philology until 1832. He came back to Greece as a Professor of Natural Sciences in the Central School of Aegina and later Professor of Pathology in the University of Athens (1837-1848). He wrote treatises, contributed to French-Greek lexicons and contributed to the journals 'Ios' , 'Mnemosini' and 'European Compiler'.

Georgios Koressios

Georgios Koressios was one of the most important Greek theologians and scholars of the 17th century. Born on the island of Chios between 1567 and 1570, he studied Philosophy and Medicine at the University of Padua. In 1611 he was appointed professor of Greek language and literature at the University of Pisa, where he demonstrated his strong admiration for the work of Aristotle. During his years in Pisa, he engaged in an ideological conflict with his colleague Galileo Galilei, based on the latter's writings on the nature of solid bodies.