Technique and today's world

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H τεχνική και ο σημερινός κόσμος
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Reprint of Scientific Yearbook of the Theological Faculty:H.S Tzogas- P.S. Papaevaggelou, Ελληνική Θεολογική Βιβλιογραφία της τελευταίας εκατονταετίας_1860-1960 (Greek Theological Bibliography of the last century _1860-1960), Thessaloniki, v. 8, 1963
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Another article of critical approach to the technical modern culture that has developed on the basis of the mechanistic, materialist conception of the world and denies the spiritual values which are the only ones that can indeed ensure progress.
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Ακτίνες (Aktines) 8 132-136