Nikolaos Tomadakis

Nikolaos Tomadakis studied Philosophy at the University of Athens (1924-1929) where he obtained his PhD in the poetry of Dionysios Solomos (1935) and he continued undertaking further studies in Pisa, from 1938 till the outbreak of the greek-italian war. He taught at the University of Athens from 1950. Furthermore, he was director of the Historical Archive of Crete and the General State Archives (1947-1950), Dean of the Faculty of Philosophy (1958-1959 , 1965-1966 , 1970-1971), member of the Oriental Institute of the Patriarchate of Alexandria, a foreign member of the Academy of Letters, Arts and Sciences of Palermo, an honorary doctorate of the University of Milan, president of the Society for Byzantine Studies, editor of the journal Athena (Aθηνά) since 1947, director of the Historical and Ethnological Society of Greece, president of the Society for Historical Studies on Modern Greek and the editorial board of the journal Mnemosyne ( Μνημοσύνη). The total number of his publications in scientific journals, newspapers and scientific projects is exceeding one thousand while he has written more than sixty works.

Other names - versions: 
Νικόλαος Τωμαδάκης, Νίκος Θεοδωράκος (ψευδώνυμο), Nickos Theodorakos
Date and Place of Birth: 
1907 Chania Crete
Date and Place of Death: 
1993 Athens