An epilogue to the translation of the lessons of Haeckel

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Επίλογος εις την μετάφρασιν των μαθημάτων του Haeckel
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This article is a defense of Haeckel , n the light of the many attacks by Skaltsounis in 'Anaplasis' and in his book 'Psychological Investigations'. Skaltsounis, Makrakis and Souggris are decried as not having a true scientific understanding of the issues involved, and as displaying irreligious sentiments and stances. Haeckel and Darwin, on the other hand, are portrayed as true pioneers of science, and science itself as a moral undertaking that aims at finding the truth. Thus, it is truly a religious enterprise.
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Prometheus (Προμηθέας) 1891, 275-278