The scientific interpretation of Metapsychic Science

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Η επιστημονική ερμηνεία κατά την μεταψυχικήν επιστήμη, της ασπόρου συλλήψεως του Κ. Η. Ι. Χριστού και της μετά τον τοκετόν παρθενίας της Θεοτόκου (The scientific interpretation of Metapsychic Science of the seedless conception of K. H. I. Christ and the childbearing virginity of Mary)
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Chania Library
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The author of this book strongly advocates the progress of the two sciences, nuclear physics and metapsychic, as well as their dissemination throughout all social classes, through which "the poison of medical science" will be neutralized. He concludes that it' is now experimentally proven that matter does not really exist and that human has a threefold status of body, soul and spirit.
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