The World of Letters: An interview with Robert Andrews Millikan

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O κόσμος των Γραμμάτων: Μία συνέντευξις με τον Robert Andrews Millikan
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National Documentation Centre (EKT Library)
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Ι. Dabbetas visits the Universities of California--Berkeley, Stanford and the Institute of Technology-- to meet with those professors signed the "Declaration" of the Christian Union of Scientists. In this time frame he interviews Robert Andrews Millikan, professor at the Institute of Technology. The interview results to the affirmation of their common belief that "all human problems can be solved through Science and Christian worldview and [...] that between Science and Religion no opposition or enmity really exists".
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K. Pentelikos, “Those who point the way” (Εκείνοι που δείχνουν τον δρόμο), 11(81-82) 1948   


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Ακτίνες ( Aktines) 11(84) 491-494