A. Cressy Morrison

Abraham Cressy Morrison was an American chemist and president of Science Academy in New York, member of the National Research Council of America and member of the American Museum of Physical History.

His largest work, The Baking Powder Controversy, was published by Fleming H. Revell Company and is a two-volume work on the history of the baking powder industry in the U.S. While serving as president of the New York Academy of Sciences, he offered the "Morrison Astronomy Prize" from 1926 until at least 1945.

Morrison published the book, Man in a Chemical World, in 1937, joining the growing of that time tradition of popularization of science. He wrote as well some literary works –The Story of Damon and Pythias and The Man Who Resembled Christ-- but he' s well known for his poetic little book Man Does not Stand Alone.

Morisson also made a notable short statement by his book, Seven Reasons a Scientist Believes in God and wrote the Encyclopedia of Superstition. He was a reputed member of The Chemists' Club of New York.

Other names - versions: 
Abraham Cressy Morrison
Date and Place of Birth: 
1888 Wrentham Mass
Date and Place of Death: 
1951 Brooklyn