The message of the new era

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Το μήνυμα της νέας εποχής
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National Documentation Centre (EKT Library)
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In a way this message is explicitly the continuation of the 1946 Declaration of Christian Scientists. Melitis speaks of a christian version of the humanity dreams: the Evangel not as a cheerful message but as a joyful reality. Τruth is not an issue of pure intent/preposition but a result after research. He gives as an answer to those who ask for a renewal of Christianity the Social Christianity. Christianity has to deal with social issues and therefore should get a certain social direction to connect with socialism, become socialist Christianity or Christian socialism or even go left to become Christian leftism. Τaking Christianity a political stand, intervening in active politics thus be able to address the needs of the present generation.
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Ακτίνες ( Aktines) 11(79) 168-170