Marinos Geroulanos


He studied medicine at the University of Munich in 1892 and completed his studies in Berlin. He became professor at Greifswald University in1897 , Germany and a professor at the University of Kiel in 1902. In the same year and after the invitation of Queen Olga, he was appointed director of the Surgical Department of the  Euaggelismos Hospital. Ηe was appointed Professor of Surgical Pathology at the National University in 1911 and Professor of Surgery in 1922. Between 1922-1939 he was director of the surgical clinic of Laiko Hospital.

He was one of the founding members of the Greek Surgical Society, of which he served as the first president (1929) and president of the Medical Society of Athens (1906-1914, 1917). He was also member of the German Society of Physicians and Naturalists and vice president at the Greek Red Cross (1907-1943). He became a member of the Academy of Athens (1933), which he served as president in 1940 . He was declared Doctor of the University of Heidelberg in 1935 and he was honored with the Grand Cross. He was elected MP from Kefalonia but resigned to take part in the Asia Minor Campaign (Greek: Μικρασιατική Εκστρατεία)
He is wellknown for his charity donations.
He donated land for the resettlement of refugees and large amounts to the Greek Navy and to the Church, which has declared him as great benefactor. He donated as well his private clinic, thus creating the Geroulaneio Institution. Τhe areas where today lies Argyroupolis and Vouliagmeni Avenue was under his property. 

Other names - versions: 
Μαρίνος Γερουλάνος
Date and Place of Birth: 
1867 Patra
Date and Place of Death: 
1960 Athens