Archbishop Chrysostomos I Athinon

Chrisostomos Papadopoulos studied in Iokeimios School of Constantinople from 1884 to 1887. He continued in the Theological School of Jerusalem, in the Evangelical School of Smyrna and in the Theological Schools of Athens, Kiev and St. Petersburgh, from which he obtained his PhD.

He taught in the School of Jerusalem, in the Rizareios School of Athens and later in the University of Athens, where he held the Chair of Ecclesiastical History. He was elected a member of the Academy in 1926 anf Archbishop of Athens in 1923.

During his reign, Chrisostomos delt with both the Calendar Reformation and with the administrative integration of the churches who were introduced to the Greek State by the Balkan Wars.


Other names - versions: 
Chrisostomos Papadopoulos, Χρυσόστομος Παπαδόπουλος, Χρυσόστομος Αθηνών
Date and Place of Birth: 
Maditos, Thrace, 1868
Date and Place of Death: 
Athens, 22/10/1938