Psychological investigations

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Ψυχολογικαί μελέται
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University of Ioannina Digital Repository
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This is a lengthy and polemical response by Skaltsounis to Apostolidis' book 'Psychoses'. The book promotes a materialistic conception of the soul and of psychology and thus Skaltsounis sets to disprove it. The article shares a lot of points with the book of the same name.
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Ψυχολογικαί μελέται (Psychological investigations) Ανάπλασις (Anaplasis) 2-4 (23,25,27,33,38,40,42,45,48,51,54,57) 1889 165-172, 193-201, 225-232,321-330, 401-411, 437-445, 465-474, 513-520,561-568, 611-619, 662-669, 705-711