Primary sources and problematics: Science and religion in Greece (1832-1946)

Project NARSES’ research focus includes the dialogue between the natural sciences and religion, as it was conducted in 19th and mid-20th century Greece. As such, it aims to create an online, searchable database of all relevant material published in Greek space at that period. Primary sources are to be catalogued, indexed and archived, and thus made accessible to all stakeholders. As a symbolic inaugural date for this part of the project, the year 1832 was chosen, since it is widely considered the funding date of the modern Greek State. The end date was set to 1946, which coincides with the end of the Second World War and with torrential social, economic and political changes in Greece. It goes without saying that this periodization, as any historical periodization, makes some concessions regarding the evolution of its subject matter. That is, the dialogues and debates concerning the Natural Sciences and the Divine in Greek space do not always follow these temporal borders in their evolution. Nevertheless, we believe the selected timeframe to be the most suitable for our study.