George K. Hatzikiriakou

George Hatzikiriakou 's father was from an old shipping family of Psara. He studied in the Thessaloniki Gymnasium and graduated from the University of Athens as Doctor of Natural Sciences. During the Macedonian Struggle of 1904, he volunteered to become the Inspector of Public Schools in Macedonia and thus covertly advance the cause of the Struggle. He was expelled from Thessaloniki due to his activities and later became the Minister of Education. During his reign, he signed the founding of the University of Thessaloniki.

Other names - versions: 
Γεώργιος Κ. Χατζηκυριακού, Georgios Hatzikyriakou, George Hatzikiriakos
Date and Place of Birth: 
1863, Thessaloniki
Date and Place of Death: