Aristippos Kousidis

Aristippos Kousidis graduated from the Zosimaia School of Ioannina and went on the get diplomas from the National Polytechnic School and the Polytechnic School of Zurich. He worked as a Professor of Polytechnic, as the Director of Public Works for the Greek State and as an advisor tp the King of Ethiopia, Ras- Tafari . He also fought as a volunteer in the war of 1897 and the First Balcan War. He wrote many technical treatises and textbooks and contributed regularly to journals and newspapers of the era.

Other names - versions: 
Αρίστιππος Κουσίδης, Aristipos Kousidis
Date and Place of Birth: 
1868, Tsepelovo
Date and Place of Death: 

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