Cammile Flammarion

A famous astronomer, writer and publisher, Camille Flamarrion published dozens of books over the course of his life, as well as the journal 'L' Astronomie'. He also conducted experimental test of spiritual and psychic phenomena. He influenced several writers of the era and was the first to suggest the names of Triton and Amalthea for the moons of Neptune and Jupiter.

Date and Place of Birth: 
Montigny-le-Roi, 26/2/1842
Date and Place of Death: 
Juvisy-sur-Orge, 3/6/1925


La pluralité des mondes habités (The Plurality of Inhabited Worlds), 1862. Real and Imaginary Worlds, 1865. God in nature, 1866. Récits de l'infini, 1872 ( Distances of the Stars, 1874. Popular Science Monthly 5, Aug 1874. Astronomie populaire, 1880. Les Étoiles et les Curiosités du Ciel, 1882. L'atmosphère: météorologie populaire, 1888. Uranie (Urania), 1889 La planète Mars et ses conditions d'habitabilité, 1892. La Fin du Monde (The End of the World), 1893 Stella (1897) L’inconnu et les problèmes psychiques (L’inconnu: The Unknown), 1900 Mysterious psychic forces: an account of the author's investigations in psychical research, together with those of other European savants, 1907 Death and its mystery—proofs of the existence of the soul, Three Volumes, 1921-1923 Haunted houses, 1924




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